Our Beliefs and Ethics

We believe that everyone regardless of their income should have access to good quality and wholesome food. We also believe that businesses must act responsibly and be led by their values not just by profit. It is from these two core values and by the aspiration to have a positive impact on our community that we are guided in the decisions we take in running our restaurant.

In rural India, people use seasonal, local, organic food out of necessity and recycle as much as they can because they canít afford to waste it. Right from the word Ďgoí we decided to follow this model to set up a business that can thrive without harming the environment.

We never air freight anything, and we make sure our suppliers get their produce to us in the most efficient way possible. Wherever possible we donít buy any packaged goods unless they are biodegradable or recyclable.

What you find on our menu is fresh, locally sourced and sustainably produced or farmed, which means itís better for you and for the planet.






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